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"Since I started Brain U Online I have less fear of dementia and cognitive decline."


"Brain U Online has made me think about things out of the ordinary. I look forward to my exercise program."

Created By Dr. John Denboer

Dr. John DenBoer is a Clinical Geriatric Neuropsychologist specializing in dementia. He received his internship training at VA Boston Healthcare System (Boston University School of Medicine/Harvard University) and received his postdoctoral training at Barrow Neurological Institute. He has published extensively in the area of Clinical Neuropsychology and has been an expert speaker at many local, national, and international conferences.

Start training your brain today. Improve the six areas of cognitive function - executive functioning; memory; speech and language; processing speed; attention and concentration, as well as mood and psychology. As we age, our brains can shrink in size and neural connections can die off, however, research has shown that continued novel learning activities can limit the reduction in grey matter and foster the growth of new neural connections.



How does Brain U Online work?

Brain U Online is an online training program for your brain. Research has shown that when we engage in new and novel learning and challenge our brains on a consistent basis, we are able to help protect and maintain the brain function that we have.



What happens after the free trial?

After the free trial is completed, you are given options of how you would like to continue your training. You can select the monthly or yearly payment option. Once you select your choice, you will be asked for your payment information via a secure platform.


Getting Started

When should I start Brain U Online?

Brain training is best when started early and is used as a pillar of a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to just accept getting old. The Brain U Online program is designed to stimulate new and novel learning methods which increases the number of the brains neurotransmitters.