How does Brain U Online work?

Brain U Online is an online training program for your brain. Research has shown that when we engage in new and novel learning and challenge our brains on a consistent basis, we are able to help protect and maintain the brain function that we have.

When you use Brain U Online, you will be given specific training exercises a few days each week. You may get frustrated at times if something is difficult; this is a good thing! Brain training is most effective when you are being challenged.

You also have the chance to be placed into a virtual classroom with others just like you. This creates a way to be social and converse with others about things that are important to you. This may include brain health, or you may wish to talk about the Cubs winning the World Series! Being social can have a positive effect on brain health and it is important to make that a part of your plan.

Who should use Brain U Online?

Brain U Online is designed to be easy to use and accessible whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable (with a computer or tablet, of course!). Because of this, it is a great tool for any individual over 50 who may be concerned about brain health, whether or not you’ve started experiencing symptoms of memory loss or dementia.

Some great times to start brain training?

  • When you retire and no longer have challenging tasks on your plate that require new learning.
  • When you start to notice you’re forgetting things more frequently or differently than before.
  • If you have no other significant tasks in your regular day that require your brain to do new things.
  • If dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, runs in your family.

How is Brian U Online different than the brain “games” I see in the news?

At Brain U Online we are committed to research and transparency. The brain is still a significant mystery to even the most successful researchers and as a group we are learning more every day. What we, at SMART Brain Aging do know, is that people who have used our program have consistently shown positive results.

Along with the countless research studies that are published on the benefits of challenging the brain in new and novel ways, we are conducting our own ongoing clinical research that began in 2013 with our first therapy method, our Brain U Clinic program (formerly named SMART Memory Program). These studies have included thousands of research participants with a spectrum of brain health ranging from no signs of dementia to those with mild cognitive impairment all the way to those in early stages of dementia. It has shown improvements of cognitive scores (based on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment), sustained over time with regular use.

Brain U Online was then created based on the efficacy seen with the Brain U Clinic program and formal research with the online program is currently underway.

In summary, research shows that regularly and consistently challenging the brain in new ways can help slow the progression and onset of dementia. Dementia is a complex disease and is continuously being studied. Brain U Clinic and Online training is just one component of a healthy brain.

What is the difference between Brain U Online and Brain U Clinic?

Brain U Clinic is where Brain U Online got its start. The program is delivered one-on-one with a healthcare professional in a clinical setting. We are currently in multiple clinics in the Southwest and are continuing to grow. Our in clinic services are covered by both Medicare and most commercial insurances.

Brain U Online is our solution to reach people who may not have access to a clinic or simply wish to train on their own. Brain U Online is also a great tool for people who may not be experiencing any symptoms, but still want to ensure the best brain health possible as they age. With Brain U Online you can be placed in a “classroom” with others just like you, and interact with individuals who care about brain health as much as you do. We know brain health is important, and being able to offer clinic and online programs is important to us to best serve you.

Should I talk to my doctor about my brain health?

Yes! If you are noticing signs or symptoms that concern you, we recommend talking to a doctor as soon as possible. Your primary care physician can be a great asset, especially if he/she has known you for a long time. Because dementia appears differently in different people, the key to diagnosis is the change that you see in your thinking and behavior. Your primary care physician may not know how to diagnose or treat dementia, so ask him/her for a recommendation to a clinical neuropsychologist or neurologist to take next steps.

Please keep in mind, your doctor may not know much about dementia, so if you do not get the attention you need, please seek a second opinion.

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