What are Some Common Signs of Dementia?

There are an estimated 5.8 million people in the United States suffering with some form of dementia. By the year 2050, the number is expected to rise to over 14 million. With the benefit of catching the onset of dementia early on, it is crucial to watch out for potential signs of dementia.

Look Out for Family Members

The World Health Organization describes dementia as a syndrome where there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to perform everyday activities. Dementia is a progressive disease, so you may not notice all of these habits right away. Always pay close attention to family members and friends that you are worried about. To help with the process, keep a journal and even suggest receiving cognitive testing.

Common Signs

With dementia growing at an alarming rate, more people are experiencing the early signs of dementia. Memory loss is the most well-known and common sign of dementia. But there are often other clues along with memory loss that are an indicator of the beginning stages of dementia.

  • Finding misplaced items in odd locations
    • Example: glasses or phone in the freezer
  • Getting lost driving to routine places
  • Being confused
    • Example: wearing sweaters during the summertime or not remembering familiar faces
  • Trouble filling in checks or forgetting to pay bills
  • Uncommon forgetfulness
    • Example: unable to recall recent conversations or missing appointments
  • Forgetting how to turn on the television or work the phone

Mitigating Early Onset Dementia

Our research has found the correlation between cognitive training and memory loss. In our extensive studies, we have found that your brain needs to be used on a regular basis by engaging in different things, such as new and novel learning.  

Cognitive exercises are designed to decrease memory loss and halt dementia. These exercises will test your ability to process speed, execute functions while also focusing on speech, language, memory, attention and concentration. Brain U Online offers a set of cognitive exercises tailored to you.

There are ways to mitigate and slow down the progression of dementia. If you are a loved one start seeing signs, contact you doctor and reach out to us today.

Medical Disclaimer:

By reading this blog, I acknowledge that I am not creating or entering a clinical or medical relationship with Dr. DenBoer and SMART Brain Aging. I understand that all materiel included in this blog is strictly for informational purposes only. The content is to provide me with information and knowledge and I will not substitute it for diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. I am aware the author does not hold a medical degree or license and is simply providing me additional information on a variety of health topics.

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